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Sue + John

Location: 32 Mansion, Penang

Photographer: Ke Wynn

Whizarts Wedding Photography

Benny + Elfy

Location: Penang, Malaysia
Venue: Mansion 32

Photographer: Norlman

Suki + Jerry

Location: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Venue: Jim Thompson Cottage

Photographer: Ke Wynn

Whizarts Wedding Photography

Portraits of Penang

“Portraits of Penang” is a personal photography project of mine. After witnessing the rapid commercialization and diminishing state and of Penang’s heritage & culture, I set out a challenge to photograph 36 unique portraits of Penang’s diversed culture and heritage, before it vanishes. This project started in 19th August 2014 and I hope to complete this challenge within a year. Unlike any other street photography, I plan to approach my subjects and learn about their story as I take his/her portrait formally.

Their portraits will be showcased in black and white to represent the island’s multiracial harmony. There are no skin colours, just different shades of grey.

I welcome suggestions and ideas for my humble project. Please contact me if you feel that there is someone you know who should be photographed. There will be no charges or fees.

Please visit or my Facebook page at from time to time to view my latest portfolio, or follow me on Instagram.

Angeline + Dean: Wedding Portrait @ Rasa Sayang, Penang

Photographer: Ke Wynn

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