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We’re featured by Signature Weddings Asia!!

Signature Weddings Asia is one of Asia’s leading wedding website portal with a host of reputable vendors in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Some of the notable vendors featured by them are Photographer Marcus Bell from Australia, Lighted Pixels from Singapore, Designer Bridal Room that carries international designer gowns such as Valentino, Annasul Y., Lusan Mandongus, Pronovias, and many more. Today, Signature Weddings Asia wrote a feature on us on Fusion and how Fusion may benefit you for your wedding.


I took the liberty to copy and paste the interview below for your convenience.

Fusion photography has been around for some time and is gaining popularity in other countries such as USA and Australia, but is relatively new in Malaysia. The photography style is a combination of both still photographic images and small snippets of video footage into a production or slide show along with a music of your choice. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Being one of the first photographers to use this new and creative approach in wedding photography, Whizarts Wedding Photography is providing fusion photography as part of their services.

Signature Weddings caught up with Ke Wynn, Principal Photographer of Whizarts Wedding Photography, to give us an idea on what fusion photography is all about.

In your opinion, will couples love the idea of Fusion? Why?
There has always been a gap between photos and videos. With photos, one can capture the moment and be awed with all the amazing little details, frozen in time. Video on the other end, captures movements and sound that one can never experience from a photograph. The idea of bringing both elements together has been around for some time and has become even more practical with today’s modern DSLRs. In order words, couples are getting the best of both worlds!

Does that mean that couples will get less photos?
No, not necessary. Imagine 10 guys are forced by the bridesmaids to sing a love song before the groom is able to pick his bride from her room (part of the Chinese Wedding door games). I would probably take 6-8 shots of the guys singing and record some of the clips in video as it is best to capture that particular moment. After all, I probably need just 2 or 3 photos for the album since photos can’t really capture their voices. After shooting numerous weddings in Fusion, the number of photos that I usually deliver to my clients are the same as before. Also, as a photographer, my objective is to compliment my photos with video without jeopardizing the quality of my photos.

Is it cost friendly?
Fusion is not as simple as just capturing some scenes in video, and pasting them into the slideshow. It takes lots of experience, skills and planning to decide on what situation suits video and photo best, and how they complement one another to make a story interesting. My passion for both photo and video has propelled me to do Fusion, where I will personally capture or direct and carefully infuse both video and photo into a single slideshow. There is no need to hire another videographer for this purpose, thus making it affordable.

Are couples able to insert their own creativity and ideas?
Definitely! I encourage couples to let me know their favourite songs and we could also plan out scenes so that we’re able to make it more intimate and interesting.

The best advice that you would give to your couples on Fusion?
Just be yourself and I’ll guide you whenever is necessary throughout your day. Also, it’s important to know that Fusion is not a replacement of good wedding videography. It’s always recommended to hire a professional videographer for a proper video coverage.

Please visit Signature Weddings Asia’s website and check out other awesome wedding photographer and vendors at the link below.

Featured Vendor: Touching Hearts

Vendor: Touching Hearts
Specialty: Wedding Planner

1) Tell us more about Touching Hearts
The idea of starting a wedding planning service in Penang was sparked off from a passion of two close friends who wanted to make wedding functions come alive again. Wedding scenes has turned into a routine affair with standard expectations and everyone, including the wedding couple, just wanting the ceremony and reception to end fast after a hectic day. Luckily, with the influence from the many bridal magazines and wedding related websites available, some wedding couples’ expectations and requirements for their special day have increased. Couples may have their dream wedding in mind and would like to see that all the details right from the bridal gown to the table setup is tailored to match their theme of the day.

With that thought, Touching Hearts Wedding Concepts is formed to provide full wedding planning services to make the planning process more enjoyable and every wedding event different and more memorable. We propose and conceptualise ideas based on the wedding couple’s requirements and budget. Our services include amongst others, planning a comfortable budget, preparing a schedule/checklist, assisting with selection and booking of ceremony and reception venues, assisting with selecting a colour theme and style of the wedding and preparing itineraries for the wedding ceremony and reception. We also assist in recommending, negotiating and booking the appropriate suppliers, or we can work with the couple’s preferred suppliers to ensure that they deliver their best quality and value. We will be on-site to coordinate to ensure that everything goes on smoothly and provide a stress-free day for the wedding couple.

2) How important do you think a wedding planner is for a bride & groom to-be?
A wedding is a very meaningful and special occasion to both the couple and their respective family members. It is also a time where relatives and friends travel from far and near to celebrate this joyous occasion. By engaging a wedding planner, the couple will have peace of mind knowing that someone experienced is doing all the meticulous planning and all details are taken care of. The wedding couple and family members can then enjoy the wedding celebration with their family and friends.

Many couples have told us that it is nice to have a wedding planner to guide and advice them during the whole planning process as it will make the process less tedious and they can actually make decisions more effectively. For couples who are out of town, they feel comfortable when they engage us as they are assured that someone is overseeing their wedding arrangements and we are able to work with their parents to take the pressure off them. Couples appreciate our service as we are able to provide them with relevant information such as suitability and availability of a reception venue and quality and costs of related suppliers. At times, we act as the couple’s liaison, resolving disputes and smoothing over rough spots that may inevitably be present during the period leading up to and on the wedding day.

3) What should people look out for in a wedding planner?
A good wedding consultant provides you with a comprehensive overview of what to expect in the preparation of a wedding event, advises you on the right and trustworthy selection of banquets, florists, bridal shops, photographers, etc — but most of all, stands by you to ensure that all your desires for the wedding come true with perfect moments. Trust is important in any relationship. You should feel completely comfortable with the planner and feel assured that he or she completely understands what your needs are.

4) What is the most interesting wedding that you’ve done?
This year, we had a wedding in Langkawi whereby the wedding ceremony was conducted at the beachfront of Four Seasons Resort followed by tea ceremony. Dinner reception was held at Tapaz Restaurant in Perdana Quay. A very relaxed and warm setting. Highlight of the evening was the entrance of the couple by a boat!


setup at Tapaz01(small)



5) In your opinion, what is the wedding trend/theme for 2011?
As we approach the end of the year, we feel that 2011 will be the year of weddings. We see weddings in 2011 to be more intimate with smaller number of guests. However, decorations will still be kept simple, warm and romantic.

6) What are Touching Hearts’ future plans?
After 8 years in this industry, we are looking to train up apprentices who are passionate about wedding planning. By this way, we hope to able to provide more service to couples who are getting married.

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