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Karen + Benjamin

Location: Perth, Australia
Photographer: Ke Wynn

Thank you for EVERYTHING!

It’s always a pleasure to receive happy emails from our beloved client, even if it the wedding was shot a year ago!

Hi KeWynn,

Hope you still remember me! Wasn’t sure if you have changed you email address, so I hope this email finds you well.

It has been a year and a half since we had our wedding photoshoot and portraiture done, a year since I last contacted you, and only 6 months ago that the album FINALLY came to me!
Meaning to drop you a message to say “THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING”, but we had our baby around Christmas when mum came over with the album, and have been so caught up with everything since.

Flipping through the pages of the album (still do that occasionally) brings back fond memories of the day of our wedding, as well as the experience of being professionally photographed!

All the lovely photos so BEAUTIFULLY taken, capturing the moments from the one very important event of our life…seems like it all just happened yesterday (except we now have an additional cheeky member to the family, it still seems surreal to me!).

I probably mentioned this countless times before, that both Lee and I are not photogenic and are camera shy to a point that we hated our photographs being taken. Don’t know how you did it, but you did it…and they don’t look a bit unnatural! J Work of a true professional! Jangan kembang lah~ Lol! We truly apologize if we have made it hard for you in any way at any time during the photoshoots or dealings, but you have definitely made it easy and comfortable for us.

So again, we’d like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful job you’ve done for us…to Alishia too!

On a different note, how are you, Alishia and your little girl (sorry I forgot her name…Katelyn?)
She must be growing into such a young ‘lady’ now J
Photography business doing good lately? Doubt the election and economy make much impact on the wedding business?

Anyway, I better keep it short.
Probably won’t interest you too much, but just a few photos taken last month attached herein of our little one, Evanns Lee, who is coming close to 6 months old now. (Still can’t believe I’m a mum now! OMG!)

Take care and send my regards to your lovely wife and daughter!


PoLyn, I’m glad that the album arrived safely from your mom’s hands. I’ve replied you via email personally and I would like to reiterate again how thankful we are for having us as your wedding photographer for your big day in Gold Coast. It’s amazing to see how time progresses from courtship to marriage and then to starting your own family. Evanns look ADORABLE and as a parent myself, the experience of having a kid is truly magical. Please keep in touch and we hope to see you and your family some day in the future!

PS: Amazing photos! Credit goes out to the photographer who did such a wonderful job. (Note: images are not from Whizarts)

Mid-Late 2012 Fav Images

When someone asks me to email them just 10 of my favourite shots for listing, is like asking me to choose my favourite children. It’s not easy! I’ve managed to narrow down to 20+ of my favourite images taken from mid to late 2012 though, and I present them here to you!

Melbourne, here we come!

We’re planning to fly down to Melbourne in September this year and if you’re thinking of having your bridal portraits taken at one of the world’s most beautiful cities, please talk to us! At AUD2000 only, this offer includes our return flight and accommodation. Hurry! Limited to 3 slots only.

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