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What our clients say about us

“Ke Wynn, absolutely surpassed our expectations. They couldn’t have turned out better and this is exactly what we were looking for. We can’t thank you enough for your brilliant photography! All the pictures and the slideshow were absolutely beautiful! We have shared the slideshow with all our friends and family and everyone commented the photos were stunning! We couldn’t be happier with the photos. Thank you again Ke Wynn for a wonderful job!”
– Joceline & William

“Thank you for the superb pictures. You dealt with our camera shyness extremely well allowing us to seal these moments as precious memories for years to come. Thank you again for everything. Wishing you all the success……”
– Nikki & Christian

“We would like to say a big thank you for a great job done and the photos were great!! You’ve gone the extra mile to accommodate our needs and making this special day a beautiful day. Thanks for everything Ke Wynn!”

– Charmaine and Sam

“This email is long overdue. We just want to thank the both of you for capturing such beautiful pictures of us during our wedding. Even though our wedding schedule was hectic the both of you never failed to show your professionalism at every moment. Even though it’s been a year already after our wedding in 2007, but we still wonderful moments still are with us and we still enjoy showing friends the pictures you took of us!
Thanks so much :)”

– Chek Sing and Ee Chien

“My husband and I are based in London but wanted to do a pre-wedding shoot in Penang, his hometown. We scoured for photographers and it made us realize that a lot of the mainstream professionals are based in KL and needed to be flown in. However, we felt that we would have better peace of mind to use someone local having experience shooting in the many beautiful locations Penang rich heritage has to offer. Finally, we found a Penang-based Whizarts led by Ke Wynn. His repertoire is large, but there were some pictures on their blog and website that really struck a chord and we knew we were on the same wavelength in terms of the type of pictures we wanted.

The pre-wedding shoot in Penang was something both of us were very anxious and excited about. The temples, pre-war houses, colonial architecture and cultural museums of Penang resonate much more in Malaysians as we have grown to know it as our history and values. With Ke Wynn behind the lens, he was very quick to interpret our requirements and on the day of the shoot, was able to compose the pictures easily so that we captured the right mood and environment.

We found it really easy to work with Ke Wynn and he was very good at putting us at ease. During the whole process, he taught and guided us through various poses that were very flattering for the camera. I believe every couple has their “moment of truth” with photographers, when they finally are able to view their work for the first time to see what the end product is. Ke Wynn didn’t let us down.

Ke Wynn put together our slideshow in 24 hours and kindly agreed to include some pre-wedding pictures that we took in London. It served as the perfect start to our wedding dinner and we received so many compliments that night and till today. We really loved the end results, and there are some amazing shots which according to our guests, reminded them of the movie “In The Mood For Love”.

Ke Wynn and Alishia, thank you both so much. The pictures are truly phenomenal and we are very impressed and will vouch for you. It’s definitely something we will treasure forever and by the way, we still watch the slideshow every now and again! Can’t help it!”
– Thien Yao & Yie Lin

“I am one of Whizarts clients. Whizarts was our official photographer on our wedding on 19 July 2008. Jonathan & I are very satisfied with their service – not only that they are professional in marketing their service, they even went the extra mile to give us tips on how to make sure our wedding day would flow well. The slideshow presented by Whizarts during our dinner reception captivated many of hearts that evening. Jonathan & I are very satisfied with the photos taken on our special day. Whizarts managed to cover everything during the day and though the wedding is now over, but each time when we look at the pictures, we couldn’t help but to reminisce the day the new chapter began. All because the pictures carry the power of our love together which words alone cannot describe. Thanks to Whizarts for bringing out the story of us through the eyes of the lens.”
– Siao Lee & Jonathan

“First and foremost, we truly appreciated your work and your professionalism. All our friends and family were impressed with your photographs. Some of them had requested from us your contact and would be considering engaging your service in the future. We are truly blessed by your work and we thank you for the excellent work.
– Siew Fen & Kin Keong, KL

3 words to describe Whizarts
Professional + Cool + Calm = Perfect photos
** thumbs up!
– Aryen

“Thanks Ke Wynn, we loved the photos. If we actually had friends in Malaysia we would definitely recommend you. As a photographer you were friendly, professional and made the whole process easy. Best of luck for the future”
– Aspen & Tamika.

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