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Lucky Dogs!

We’ve received many submissions for our complimentary pet portrait session and I admit it was very difficult to choose just 2 winners for this contest. Everyone of them were so adorable! I’m glad to say that we’ve come to a decision and these 2 pooches will be getting a 1 hour complimentary photo session by us.

To the rest who didn’t win, thank you for participating and your pets are truly amazing. Thank you for sharing with us your stories and pictures of your cuties. And to the lucky winners, we’ll be contacting you by email soon to arrange an appointment for the shoot.

pong pong
Pong Pong

Roger the pug. I can’t stop staring at his eyes!

Keep visiting this blog to see their photos.

Small dog in a big studio

I browsed upon a really cool website of a photographer that specializes in photographing pets. I”ve been visiting her blog ever since and she has truly inspired me to take more photos on pets!

In the spirit of giving, I”ll be giving away FREE pet photography sessions to 2 lucky pet owners. All you need to do is to submit a photo of your pet and tell us online casino what you like most about him/her. Send it to before 31st of October “09 and your pet might have its own opportunity of stardom!

Here are some recent snapshots of our dog Pixel in our studio.






* Shoot is only valid in Penang at our studio. Prints & frames can be purchased separately. Terms & conditions may apply

Jazz – The Dog

I’ve found a new love photographing pets! They’re cute, adorable, fun and easy to please – best clients ever! If you have a pet (it could be a dog, cat, hamster, or even a snake for that matter!) and would love to have it photographed, let me know! And to the newly weds, if you’ve gotten yourselves a pet or have a pet, this would be a good excuse to have your 1st anniversary portraits together with your pet.

To make the entire process easier, here are some tips I would like to share before taking your dog for its photo session.
1) Groom that fur ball before the shoot.
2) Make sure the alpha male or female is around during the photography session
3) Your dog has to have basic obedience training. Sit, down and stay is good enough
4) Bring along his favourite toy with an outfit (t-shirt, shoes, bling-bling) if any
5) Bring along a high value treat. This is very important!
6) Don’t bring too many people along the shoot. Dogs get distracted easily. 2 person is more than enough.

Here’s Jazz the dog I recently shot last weekend.






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