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Portraits of Penang

“Portraits of Penang” is a personal photography project of mine. After witnessing the rapid commercialization and diminishing state and of Penang’s heritage & culture, I set out a challenge to photograph 36 unique portraits of Penang’s diversed culture and heritage, before it vanishes. This project started in 19th August 2014 and I hope to complete this challenge within a year. Unlike any other street photography, I plan to approach my subjects and learn about their story as I take his/her portrait formally.

Their portraits will be showcased in black and white to represent the island’s multiracial harmony. There are no skin colours, just different shades of grey.

I welcome suggestions and ideas for my humble project. Please contact me if you feel that there is someone you know who should be photographed. There will be no charges or fees.

Please visit or my Facebook page at from time to time to view my latest portfolio, or follow me on Instagram.

Our wedding story


Your wedding album is like a story of your wedding, and you will only have 1 copy of it for generations to come.

We showed katelynn our wedding album for the first time. A lot of people tell me that a wedding album is not important because it always end up under the bed. Though our wedding album has been in our bookshelf for 5 years, being able to show her our wedding in 2009 is priceless. I can only imagine the value of our wedding album and photos appreciate as we age. We will definitely show it to her again when she’s older.

By the way, she flipped through every pages and pointed out the people she knew. She was engaged to the photos even at her tender age of 3.

Super Hero Family!

We wanted to have a fun family portrait and we thought that a super hero theme would be cool! We didn’t want to buy any factory made super hero costumes cause we wanted to have the DIY look. Who says taking family photo is boring?

Introducing, Camera Man, Super Mama and Alphabet Girl!

We had our photos taken at Milestone Pictures.

My First Triathlon Experience

It’s a little off topic here but I recently completed my maiden triathlon race in Port Dickson early this month and it was quite a big achievement for me personally. After months of hard work and training, I managed to complete the course of 1.6KM Swim, 1KM Beach Run, 43KM Cycle and 9.5KM Run in 2hours and 55 min! I even managed to get 77th placing out of 300 contestants under my age group category, and considering that there were plenty of seasoned local and international triathlete, I think I did pretty alright. :)

Staying fit and healthy is one of my personal goals in life. I was once overweight weighing in at 100KG when I was only 15 and I was asthmatic when I was a child. So if you’re planning to lose weight and to stay fit, there shouldn’t be any excuses! I am definitely looking forward to my next race which is the International Penang Bridge Marathon in November and the ultimate Iron Man challenge in 2014. Wish me luck!


I’ve particpated in quite a few cycling events, both off road mountain biking and on road biking but this is the first time I’ve signed up for a Duathlon event. In case you don’t know what a duathlon is, it is like an iron man race, except that we don’t swim. PgiTD is Penang’s first international triathlon/duathlon since 14 years ago and registration was snapped up in less than 3 days! This event is quite a big deal for me since it is my very first time where I have to run, cycle and run again. Thankfully, it is a short course of 5KM run followed by 40KM cycle and another 10KM run and I think I can handle it. Fingers crossed!

Last Sunday, a friend gave me the opportunity to join a closed group duathlon time trial in Straits Quay (SQDTT). We had to run 6KM, cycle 30KM and run another 6KM as a practice before the actual race and I am glad that I managed to complete the entire cours slightly under 2 hours! Seeing other elite athletes in action really motivates me to train harder and I want to thank the organizers for hosting such non-profit events for newbies like myself.

My road bike at the transition area. Flag off was at 615am.

Me with my bike after time trial.

Group photo with the elite athletes and committee

I have about a month left to train for the big race so wish me luck!