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Health & Fitness – Look Good, Feel Good

For those who know me well, I have always been an advocate of healthy and living fit since I was in my youth. Most of my friends will know me as a photographer who is also a fitness freak, who is either constantly shooting, or exercising. I would like to further take this lifestyle of staying fit and healthy as one of our corporate’s motto – Look Good, Feel Good.

There were times when I gave up and bloated back to being overweight. This photo was taken before my wife and I got married.

I was an overweight teeneager weighing in at over 100KG. I had asthma as a child along with other health complications. Exercising and eating right has never crossed my mind back then. I never like to look at my own reflection and had very low self esteem. I was often teased in school and I told myself that I needed to make a change in my habit – I started exercising and dieting. When I started, I never had the privilege of joining support groups and there were no community who shared the same interest with me. I made many mistakes by not doing things right. Being the only child, I understand the need of support and encouragement from others because doing this alone is NOT easy.

As a professional wedding photographer, long hours of standing and shooting is quite a physical challenge!

Moving forward, I am glad I made the decision long ago and I have never felt better about myself. Staying fit allows me to shoot better without feeling fatigued but most importantly, exercising together with my wife and family helps build a stronger relationship. There is nothing more better than having your spouse to push and motivate each other to stay healthy and fit together.


We cycle and run together as a couple. Exercising together has brought us closer!

Alishia & I participated in a duathlon event in 2013. We trained together, and we finished together

My first Half Iron Man challenge. It was significant to me because this race happened during our 5th Anniversary and my wife beared the sun and heat for over 6 hours to see me finish the grueling race.


Whizarts is forming a community who share the same goals in Penang called FotoFit. It is a friendly community that is open to anyone who wants to stay motivated to make a change for the better. To encourage commitment to change, a biannual 3 month FotoFit Challenge is organized. Participants who achieve the challenge will be rewarded with a free studio portrait, proudly sponsored by Whizarts Wedding Photography!

Whether you’re an beginner or an enthusiasts, or simply a bride who wants to fit into her wedding gown for her wedding, this challenge is open to anyone who wants to make a positive change to their life. When possible, we will also try to organize runs or cycling activities on weekends or public holidays and everyone is invited to join us, free of charge!

Cycling in a group helps motivate each other.

We plead you to share this with your friends and join our Facebook Group to make this possible.

FotoFit Facebook Group:


You can also follow me and track my progress at the following Apps:

Instagram (user: kewynn1981)
MapMyFitness (user profile: Ke Wynn, Lee)

Let’s look good and feel good together!

Ke Wynn
Founder & Principal Photographer

7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia

The Wedding Note Book wrote an interesting piece on interesting places to get married. We love it! Check them out!


7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia

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Cove 55 - 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.

These are places in Malaysia that, when you see them, will instantly know there is something magical about them. Whether for an ROM or a small wedding ceremony, if you’re looking for something different or considering a destination wedding, perhaps these venues might be an easier and better alternative.

#1 Cove 55, Santubong, Sarawak
Located in Santubong, Sarawak, this exclusive resort has views of Mount Santubong and the South China Sea, and is a great venue for a sunset wedding ceremony, followed by an outdoor reception.

Cove 55 – 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.

Cove 55 – 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.

#2 Jeff’s Cellar, The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Perak
Tired of typical wedding venues? Imagine having your wedding in a Paleozoic limestone cave. At Jeff’s Cellar, the intimate cave interior and breathtaking natural water feature will definitely provide a magnificent backdrop for your wedding.

Jeff's Cellar, The Banjaran – 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.

#3 Avi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson
If you are looking for a glass house, this could be the answer to your dream wedding. Say ‘I do’ in this unique floating glass house with a perfect blue sea backdrop, followed by a small, intimate lunch reception, and topped up with a complete full day spa for all your guests.

Avi Spa, Avillion – 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.

Avi Spa, Avillion – 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.

Avi Spa, Avillion – 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.

#4 Villa Danielli, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur
Villa Danielli is an award-winning restaurant modelled after a rustic Tuscan villa. The exterior is a photo haven for solemnisation ceremonies, while the interior, complete with large painted murals and warm, inviting atmosphere, is perfect for a small, intimate wedding. This is the closest thing to having a Tuscany wedding that you’ll get without actually going all the way there.

Villa Danielli, Sheraton Imperial – 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.

Villa Danielli, Sheraton Imperial – 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.

#5 Casabrina Villa, Raub, Pahang
Located in the quiet foothills of Pahang with lush green surroundings, this Balinese-style resort is a great place to have an eco-style wedding. National squash player Mohd Azlan Iskandar and Shoes Shoes Shoes founder Ung Yiu Lin even had their akad nikah on the platform over the pool.

Casabrina Villa – 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.

#6 Stratosphere, The Roof, One Utama, Petaling Jaya
Stratosphere is Asia’s first grassed rooftop bar, providing a 360-degree panoramic view of the Klang Valley, making it perfect for a garden ceremony. Move into Signature By The Hill after for the reception.

The Roof, One Utama – 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.

#7 Bon Ton Resort Langkawi
Easily mistaken for one of those private resorts in Bali, this is just ten minutes away from the airport, and is both convenient and secluded at the same time, with the beach just minutes away as well.

Bon Ton Resort Langkawi – 7 Interesting Places To Say ‘I Do’ In Malaysia.


The Blue Wall

I’ve been shooting people and weddings all these while and sometimes I tend to miss out the simple beauty that is right in front of me. Cheong Fatt Tze is one venue that I’m very familiar with and this is a shot I took of the Mansion’s famous blue wall.

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