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Featured Vendor: Say Cheese!

Here’s something interesting that you might want to seriously consider having for your wedding reception. It’s new, fun and cool! This month we’ll be featuring Say Cheese! Photo booth entertainment.

Vendor: Say Cheese!
Specialty: Photo Booth

1) What is Say Cheese all about?
Say Cheese! photo booth is a fun way of getting professional images from your event by using a mini photography studio WITHOUT the need of a photographer! Say Cheese! offers various themes and props to suit your event and all images are post-processed with an option of different special effects such as black & white, sepia, old skool, vintage, modern and many more into a DVD. We were established since January 2011!

Our photo booth is usually packed during cocktail hour!

2) Is it difficult to set up a booth like this?
No! All we need is a power supply, a table to place our props and a space of about 10 feet by 8 feet to fit our backdrop and equipments. We have an attendant to set up and remove the equipments during the event. All you need to do is to place a booking with us, let us know the theme you want and you’re done!

3) The photos look fun! They seem to be having a blast!
Definitely! Your guests will have a blast choosing their props and striking various poses as they break the ice with other guests. There is no limit to the numbers of photographs to take and there is an instant preview screen for your guests to look at.

4) Can couples get their photos printed on the spot?
Yes! Our specialized printer can print quality 4R photos in less than 15 seconds each.

Instant 4R print in less than 15 secs each using our specialized event printer.

5) Wouldn’t DIY be cheaper?
Maybe, but what are you planning to do with all the props that you’ve bought? What about the backdrop? Do you intend to keep them? Do you need to engage another photographer just for this sole purpose? Are you getting professional studio equipments and cameras to get the best quality possible? Who is going to watch over the entire process? DIY may be a little cheaper (assuming that you have all the necessary equipments and camera already) but a peace of mind is priceless. :)

6) Why should couples consider hiring your booth?
Cocktail session is usually one of the most boring session for your guests and our photobooth could be the perfect entertainment for them. Both young and old can join in the fun, with our without the props. Photographs of your guests having a great time during your wedding is definitely a precious keepsake.

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Featured Vendor: Andy Wang

Vendor: Andy Wang
Specialty: Wedding Cinematography

1) Tell us more about yourself. What made you decide to be a wedding cinematographer?
Well, I am a typical ‘kampung’ (village) boy from Penang Island who simply loves romance and believes in fairy tales. Due to my passion towards filming and desire to craft a masterpiece for that very special day of two lovers, I quit my job as a camera sales representative in 2003 to venture into wedding videography industry.

2) How would you describe your style?
Beautiful, smooth and lively as if you’re there again everytime when you watch your wedding film.

3) What sort of equipments do you use during assignments?
The usage of equipments is very much depends on the nature of wedding itself, ie venue and lighting. For instance, steadicam is normally used for a smooth shot when we have to move quickly like during bridal march in or dance floor session. Meanwhile, tracking system is widely used to capture ring shot, decorations in different perspective. But sometimes, we will also do free hand and tripod shot.

We will also have a sound specialist in location to record voices especially during outdoor weddings so we can get crystal clear voices (ie during vow exchange ceremony) without any interruption from the surrounding.

4) Which is your favourite wedding that you’ve ever filmed?
Herbert & Jocelyn’s black & hot pink wedding

David & Lu Sean’ East meets West wedding

Alex & Carmen’s Harry Potter wedding

5) Any tips on selecting the right wedding videographer?
There are many criteria to consider in choosing a right wedding videographer. Perhaps, you would like to read this article that I have wrote before:

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Featured Vendor: Janet Lee

The talented and beautiful singer, Janet Lee is our featured vendor for the month of April!

Vendor: Janet Lee
Specialty: Singer

Listen to Janet sing below!
Carmen [Song Demo]
Go get Adobe Flash Player!

1) Tell us more about yourself!
I discovered the joy of singing when I was a kid. I didn’t pursue it then other than just singing along to the radio and cassettes like everyone else in school. I sang with a children’s choir when I was in college, I was this overgrown kid singing amongst real kids! After college I started going to a singing teacher and learned to sing classically and learned to love the world of operas and art songs. After years working in the corporate front I finally gathered enough guts to take the plunge into singing professionally and on full time basis. I am very happy now to be in a profession where I get rewarded for doing what I love, singing and sharing the joy of music with many people.

My wish is to sing right into my old ripe age, to sing till I can’t no more.

2) Which artist or singer do you admire most?
This is a hard one, I have a list of favourites:
– Gealan, or Grace Chang, for her multi-facet talent and style.
– Mozart, for his genius and humour.
– Ute Lemper, for her frightening triple-threat portfolio.
– Jamiroquai, for their cool sound.
– Teresa Teng, for her beauty and art.
– Antonio Carlos Jobim, for all his wonderful songs.

3) Apart from singing, what else do you love to do?
I have a few pet loves besides singing: dancing, reading and flea market shopping. These activities both unwind and stimulate me. They do what they do best when I need it – be it either unwinding or stimulating. My retirement plan would include a lifestyle where I do mostly just read, cook and exercise…besides singing for leisure and for love.

4) What made you decide to sing for weddings?
The weddings came to me – I am lucky to have found a niche for myself in the circuit. I created a website and put up my song repertoire there and waited – then some couples started contacting me for details on my performance, the rest is history. I have an affinity for singing at weddings because I recognize the significance of being part of somebody’s wedding – I will always be part of this person’s memories of his or her biggest and happiest day. I like to sing at weddings because I enjoy making friends with my clients, the wedding couples and their families. It is an enriching element on the job and I think it’s a real blessing to be able to share joy through my music at wedding banquets.

5) What other sort of gigs do you do besides wedding?
Corporate events, private dinners, fashion shows, product launch parties, tea parties and theatre. I do various types of singing performances for the corporate sector from jazz performance with live musicians, to a minus -one performance with back up dancers with elaborate costumes and choreography, to sometimes just me and a pianist on a grand, giving a dinner its intimate and cozy touch of music and songs. For the theatre front, am mostly in musicals, in English and Chinese theatres. I have worked with composers like Saidah Rastam and Nick Choo. I have collaborated with companies like Dama Orchestra, KLPac, Actors Studio Theatre, Lyric Opera Malaysia and PAN Productions.

6) What sort of repertoire do you usually sing for weddings?
Jazz standards, American songbook standards, smooth jazz, Chinese oldies, the Teresa Teng songbook, the Shi-Dai-Qu standards (of Zhou Xuan, Yao Li, Gealan and the likes), Tan Sri P Ramlee & Saloma standards. Sometimes I also do a few Broadway musical numbers and even operatic arias upon special requests.

7) What is the most interesting performance/achievement you had since you started?
I am blessed with this gift of music that I am able to sample various experience of performing. Some of the most memorable experience and achievements would include carrying and portraying a dramatic character in a musical (playing Lulu in I Have A Date With Spring the musical), singing with an orchestra (sang Papagena & 2nd Lady in The Magic Flute concert), singing with a 10-piece band at a wedding in East Malaysia, DANCING and singing with professional dancers, competing in a classical singing championship, perform inside a paper mache on stage with a paper artist….the list could go on. I simply cannot choose just one most interesting performance as there have been many unique and interesting experiences for me as a performer.

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Featured Vendor: De Leon Jazz Experience

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding band, look no further! For the month of March, we’ll be featuring the amazing and talented team of musicians!

Vendor: De Leon Jazz Experience
Specialty: Wedding Band/Entertainment



1) Tell us more about De Leon Jazz Experience.
The De Leon Jazz Experience is a family band comprising of Ronald Vic, a self taught Filipino musician who came to Malaysia in the early 90’s and performed in Penang Mutiara Beach Resort with The Variation Strings Ensemble and later leading Le Notte Strings, Shangri-la Hotel Penang with “Take Three”, Hyatt Regency in J. B. and as a soloist in Star Cruise Pisces and Virgo. He was the resident musician in Holiday Inn Resort Penang for 5 years. Ronald is a recipient of The Most Outstanding Filipino (Music) in Malaysia of 2007 conferred by the Embassy of The Republic of The Philippines in Kuala Lumpur.

Ronald Vincenzo is a Form 1 boy from St. Xavier’s Institution. He plays the piano, violin, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, drums, organ and electric bass. Last year, he finished taking his Grade 8 in Alto Saxophone (A.B.R.S.M.). He is the youngest to achieve this in Malaysia. He also took his Grade 8 in Violin and scored a Distinction. Vince is a past winner of the Jimmy Boyle Most Promising Young Musician in 2008 as a 10 year old beating students fromUniversity Sains Malaysia and Sabah Institute of Arts. He and brother Gabriel placed second in ROLAND Piano Fest in 2008 in the Jazz Trio Category, also participated in by musicians much older than them.

Gabriel Lucas is from St. Xavier’s Branch. He is only in Standard 5 but already finished his Grade 8 in Drums from Trinity Rockschool. He is now certified by The Malaysia Book of Records as the Youngest Malaysian to Finish a Professional Drum Course at the age of 9. He took his Grade 7 in Violin (A.B.R.S.M.) last June and scored a merit. He plays the piano, electric bass, cornet and sings as well.

Both the De Leon boys are perennial KUMON Gold Medalists in Mathematics and also academically involved in school and church. This trio is very active with Penang Jazz Community in helping promote jazz music in the island of Penang. You will also see them in numerous weddings, company functions and Charity events.



2) What sort of music or repertoire do you play?
The group plays in a wide variety of styles ranging from classical (a popular choice for march-in’s and/or garden weddings/ceremonies) to evergreen/oldies, pop, country, and of course, jazz. International songs are also a big part of their repertoire. More upbeat selections are played as the night progresses ………

Ronald believes that the evening “belongs” to the wedding couple and they are given the privilege to choose what ever songs they want the trio to play. The choice is theirs …..

3) What is the most interesting performance/achievement you had since you started?
To play music with my two sons is the most interesting part of my career as a musician. I traveled so much in the past, where i have to leave the whole family for months without seeing them. It is a different case now. To me, working with them is just the most interesting part of my performance.

The greatest achievement is that i, with the help of their mom and their teachers have managed to raise the level of their performance to a very high one considering their age.

4) What should people look out when hiring a band?
We’ve encountered a lot of clients who complain about the sound level of other performers. Ronald is also a sound engineer as well and we have a team to ensure that the volume is not to loud so that the guests can still have a nice conversation while eating. Music only goes hot after the 4th or 5th dish.

Also a strong point in choosing a band is that, a lot of so called “keyboardists” are not actually playing the keyboard but acting like a DJ pressing the play button on the computer. Make sure that you are getting your money’s
worth when you pick a band.

5) In your opinion, what are the important essence of a good band for weddings or

The band’s duty is to set the mood right, and not ruin it. They have to constantly monitor the sound level, play the songs picked by the couple and not insist on their own choice. Songs with negative issues have to be avoided. Dressing and presentation of the show is very important and of course, the band has to make it interesting an programme with a good variety of songs focusing on the guests present, so that the dinner will be a very memorable one.

The De Leon Jazz Experience a.k.a Ronald and Sons are so talented and versatile, it’s like engaging 3 different bands all in one.

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We’re featured by Signature Weddings Asia!!

Signature Weddings Asia is one of Asia’s leading wedding website portal with a host of reputable vendors in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Some of the notable vendors featured by them are Photographer Marcus Bell from Australia, Lighted Pixels from Singapore, Designer Bridal Room that carries international designer gowns such as Valentino, Annasul Y., Lusan Mandongus, Pronovias, and many more. Today, Signature Weddings Asia wrote a feature on us on Fusion and how Fusion may benefit you for your wedding.


I took the liberty to copy and paste the interview below for your convenience.

Fusion photography has been around for some time and is gaining popularity in other countries such as USA and Australia, but is relatively new in Malaysia. The photography style is a combination of both still photographic images and small snippets of video footage into a production or slide show along with a music of your choice. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Being one of the first photographers to use this new and creative approach in wedding photography, Whizarts Wedding Photography is providing fusion photography as part of their services.

Signature Weddings caught up with Ke Wynn, Principal Photographer of Whizarts Wedding Photography, to give us an idea on what fusion photography is all about.

In your opinion, will couples love the idea of Fusion? Why?
There has always been a gap between photos and videos. With photos, one can capture the moment and be awed with all the amazing little details, frozen in time. Video on the other end, captures movements and sound that one can never experience from a photograph. The idea of bringing both elements together has been around for some time and has become even more practical with today’s modern DSLRs. In order words, couples are getting the best of both worlds!

Does that mean that couples will get less photos?
No, not necessary. Imagine 10 guys are forced by the bridesmaids to sing a love song before the groom is able to pick his bride from her room (part of the Chinese Wedding door games). I would probably take 6-8 shots of the guys singing and record some of the clips in video as it is best to capture that particular moment. After all, I probably need just 2 or 3 photos for the album since photos can’t really capture their voices. After shooting numerous weddings in Fusion, the number of photos that I usually deliver to my clients are the same as before. Also, as a photographer, my objective is to compliment my photos with video without jeopardizing the quality of my photos.

Is it cost friendly?
Fusion is not as simple as just capturing some scenes in video, and pasting them into the slideshow. It takes lots of experience, skills and planning to decide on what situation suits video and photo best, and how they complement one another to make a story interesting. My passion for both photo and video has propelled me to do Fusion, where I will personally capture or direct and carefully infuse both video and photo into a single slideshow. There is no need to hire another videographer for this purpose, thus making it affordable.

Are couples able to insert their own creativity and ideas?
Definitely! I encourage couples to let me know their favourite songs and we could also plan out scenes so that we’re able to make it more intimate and interesting.

The best advice that you would give to your couples on Fusion?
Just be yourself and I’ll guide you whenever is necessary throughout your day. Also, it’s important to know that Fusion is not a replacement of good wedding videography. It’s always recommended to hire a professional videographer for a proper video coverage.

Please visit Signature Weddings Asia’s website and check out other awesome wedding photographer and vendors at the link below.

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